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through the delivery of our value-added auditing , financial and legal services, as well as grant our clients genuine peace of mind in the knowledge that their fiscal well-being is in the right hands. We understand that no two companies are the same, and therefore no two have the same financial requirements, which is why we aim to tailor our financial services to meet your specific needs. We consistently strive to meet and exceed clients’ expectations, both in the considerable range of financial, and auditing services we offer, and in the level of efficiency and professionalism with which we deliver on our promises. We perform a vast array of financial services, from bookkeeping and compilation of financial statements, to monthly accounting services, payroll and annual returns. In order to expand our already comprehensive assortment of financial and tax services, De Bruyn and associates have also recently launched a department for advisory and legal services, including trademark registration, estate planning and wills, liquidations and general legal advice and tax consultancy.

We are an IRBA B-BBEE verification agency, providing both certification and verification of our clients’ B-BBEE status, a vital necessity for unlocking new markets and enhancing the skills and ability of employees.

We guarantee accurate and reliable outcomes, insightful advice and the highest level of professionalism and integrity which, over the years, has become so closely associated with our firm. As a client of De Bruyn and Associates, you can rest assured that our capable and qualified team will deliver on and anticipate the unique needs of your company, guaranteed by the highest level of service and support, the use of industry-leading technologies, and most importantly, a tailor-made financial and legal services package designed solely around the requirements of our valued clients.

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LAW News newsletter - March 2015

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  • The case of the innocent buyer down R100k
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  • R3.8m in claims attacked
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  • Assumptions, assumptions
  • No wriggle room
  • Losing Your Licence with AARTO Demerits – Are We There Yet?
  • The March Website: Boost Your Business!

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